3 Elegant Ways To Enhance The Atmosphere Of Your Hotel Lobby


It’s no secret that first impressions are critical, especially for hotels. In fact, this is especially the case with hotels, which have a special obligation to present a warm and inviting atmosphere to their guests. If your hotel lobby seems a bit lackluster, there are plenty of simple and unique ways to enhance its appeal. Here are just a few creative ways to make your hotel lobby as aesthetically sleek and inviting as possible.

Beverage Station
One way to ensure that guests feel welcomed upon enter your hotel is to set up a cold beverage station with complimentary waters, sodas, and fruit juices. A coffee station is also a highly sought-after feature for those with early morning obligations. While these investments may not seem entirely necessary, you may be surprised at the increase of traffic and revenue that results. Spectrio says, “Providing guests with food and drinks in the lobby makes the space feel more welcoming and comfortable and less like a transition space. Plus, it creates an additional revenue stream for your property.”

Ceramic Architectural Stone
There’s no doubt that artwork speaks volumes about your hotel lobby’s overall aesthetic appearance. While traditional statues and framed paintings are always appreciated, investing in higher quality natural stone slabs for sale instantly adds a level of elegance that just can’t be matched with two dimensional art media. Natural stone is an environmentally friendly building material that can benefit a hotel lobby in more ways than one. In fact, 81% of travelers feel it’s important for properties and accommodations to implement eco-friendly practices. Ceramic slabs can also be created to customize your lobby’s already existing design features.

Interactive Entertainment
If your hotel receives an exceptional amount of traffic, live music is a great way to attract people to the lobby. If live entertainment isn’t a possibility, installing any sort of interactive digital technology will showcase your hotel’s mission to provide information and entertainment to each and every one of its guests. Anything that helps guests feel connected and engaged with their surroundings is sure to draw them back again and again.

Ultimately, it’s important to use a bit of creative thinking when considering which features will add to the atmosphere of a hotel lobby. With an eye for imagination and attention to detail, you’ll see more visitors in no time at all.