Don’t Let These Myths Stop You From Using Ceramic Slabs in Your Hotel Design

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Any hotel owner can tell you that a property’s lobby design is essential since it’s the first thing guests see when they enter the building for the first time. Of course, there’s typically more pressure for hotels and other hospitality-based companies to conform to the comfort and appeal that guests crave upon entering a new space. Even so, a pleasing entryway or lobby can help any business make a great first impression.

While many options exist to liven up your hotel lobby decor, not many investments are as eco-friendly and luxurious as engineered stone and other types of ceramic slabs for sale. But before you invest in a whole new design, it’s important to know the facts about this building material. Here are just a few common myths about this popular alternative to natural stone.

Ceramic tiles all look the same
If this myth were true, there simply wouldn’t be an industry around creating and selling these beautiful designs. In fact, unlike natural stone, ceramic can come in hundreds of different patterns, textures, colors, and sizes. On top of that, ceramic slabs for sale come in a huge variety of design styles including architectural trim, filigree, bevels and frames, subway tiles, and more. Because of this broad range of options, the number of custom options is effectively infinite.

No matter the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, you can find ceramic slabs for sale that will perfectly match your decor. These tiles can work for floors, walls, or accent pieces. While ceramic may not seem as exciting as natural stone, you can usually find ceramic options that look nearly identical to more expensive natural stone slabs. If you’re worried that these ceramic slabs will make your lobby appear bland and boring as opposed to vibrant and eye-catching, you’re absolutely mistaken.

Ceramic Slabs Only Come in Muted Colors
I your hotel lobby already has a bit of an eccentric color scheme, rest assured that there are ceramic slabs for sale in bright hues, vibrant shades, and shimmering glosses that can enhance the look of any hotel lobby, no matter its color scheme. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and you’re sure to find something that will complement your design.

Ceramic Isn’t an Eco-Friendly Option
A 2017 Unilever study found that 33% of consumers, or one in three, prefer to choose brands that support social or environmental causes. All over the world, hotels and resorts are going to great length to show off their sustainability initiatives. Fortunately, ceramic slabs are an eco-friendly option for companies who want to prioritize environmentally friendly building materials.

According to Home Advisor Pro, ceramic is an eco-friendly option because of its moisture resistant properties and durability. In addition, ceramic is “environmentally friendly to manufacture compared to many other” options. If your hotel is clearly working to accommodate the Earth’s limited resources, you’re already a step ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, understanding the truth behind these common ceramic myths is the key to unlocking the true potential that comes with incorporating ceramic slabs into your business’s lobby.

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