3 Simple Ways To Make Your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

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There’s a reason why more and more businesses are making an effort to show off their eco-friendly initiatives: A 2017 Unilever study found that there is a $1 trillion market opportunity for brands that can effectively communicate their product or company’s sustainability benefits. This means that in addition to the advantages that eco-friendly efforts provide to the Earth, your business also has a lot to gain financially by making some small investments in sustainability.

Because of this, going green has been one of the top trends in the hospitality and travel industries in 2017. Here are just a few ways you can make your hotel even more eco-friendly in 2018.

Conserve Water
First, conserving water is a great place to start with your hotel’s eco-friendly initiatives. If possible, consider installing low-flow shower heads and sink aerators to reduce flow. Low-flow toilets are also a viable option that can make a significant difference in long-term water usage. Make sure to keep an eye on leaky faucets and pipes as well, as both can substantially increase consumption as well. In addition, if you do laundry on site, try to limit the number of towels that need to be washed each day. There are plenty of creative ways to cut back on water usage; simply ask your hotel’s plumber for some more suggestions and recommendations.

Consider A Green Remodel
The design of a company’s lobby is important since it’s typically the first thing visitors see when they enter the building. That being said, natural stone slabs and ceramic slabs for sale make an eye-catching and luxurious addition to any hotel or business lobby. Architectural stone such as ceramic slabs offer a number of eco-friendly benefits as well, the biggest being the very little energy they require to produce and install.

Prioritize Recycling
Finally, there’s no reason not to prioritize recycling with the vast opportunities and resources that most businesses have at their disposal. Start by placing recycling bins all around your hotel: in each guest room, near the vending and ice machines, in the front lobby, by the pool, in the kitchen, and anywhere else that seems appropriate. After that, simply hang some signs with simple instructions on what can be recycled. You’ll be amazed at how many guests instantly start to change their habits!

Ultimately, all of these initiatives can help your hotel become more eco-friendly, but natural stone is an environmentally friendly building material that can benefit a hotel lobby in more ways than one. In fact, 81% of travelers feel it’s important for properties and accommodations to implement eco-friendly practices. For more information about ceramic slabs for sale, contact Ceramic Matrix.