Exploring Ideas For Adding Natural Stone Elements To Your Bathroom

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Hardscaping is on the rise: According to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, just 23% of new homes started in 2014 had a deck, while 56% had a patio. But Florida stone and other natural stone slabs for sale aren’t solely for outdoor use. In fact, there are virtually countless ways to incorporate natural stone and ceramic elements into any room of your home or commercial space — especially the bathroom. Here are just a few ideas for adding natural stone elements to your bathroom.

Stone Shower Walls
If your bathroom design could use a serious update, modernizing your shower walls with some sleek and classy natural or Florida stone tiling can work wonders to add visual appeal and make the space more relaxing. Using natural stones also serve as an eco-friendly solution, since there’s not as much waste associated with their production. A 2017 Unilever study found that 33% of consumers, or one in three, prefer to choose brands that support social or environmental causes, and if you’re one of them, upgrading your shower walls is a great place to start.

Picking out countertops can be a difficult dilemma for homeowners, whether it’s for the bathroom or the kitchen. However, according to the National Association of Home Builders, marble definitely has a place in any modernized and eco-friendly bathroom. In fact, marble flooring can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance, and marble countertops can last a lifetime. Any type of natural stone material is especially ideal for countertops, since they typically undergo a lot of wear and tear and will stay incredibly durable.

Finally, investing in new flooring for your bathroom isn’t always the most affordable option in the short term, but it’s certainly worthwhile and made to last over time. This is especially true if you’re considering redesigning a bathroom for a commercial space, such as a hotel, where guests are quick to notice and appreciate luxurious elements. Plus, a 2017 Unilever study found that there is a $1 trillion market opportunity for brands that can effectively communicate their product’s or company’s sustainability benefits, and investing in natural stone flooring is both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, maximizing guests’ comfort with every stay.

Ultimately, being aware of the many ways to incorporate Florida stone and other natural stone elements into your home or commercial space’s bathroom design is the key to making the space as warm, inviting, and eco-friendly as possible. For more information about natural stone for sale, contact Ceramic Matrix.