Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz

by   New Ravenna

The Miraflores Collection is an affirmation of the beauty found where unity and diversity meet. This richly inspired collection is designed by award winning interior designer, Paul Schatz and literally means “to watch flowers”. Miraflores is a celebration of the many forms of traditional artistic expression that can be found across Spain, Peru, Italy and various Islamic countries. Timeless patterns, high quality natural materials and the expertise of artesian workmanship bring this collection to life and ensure that it will pass the test of time.

Paul Schatz, interior designer, Principal of Interior Design Imports and graduate of California State University in Long Beach, California, began his own design practice in 1977. The San Diego studio is now comprised of interior designers, architects and administrative personnel from diverse backgrounds and specialties.

Paul’s design philosophy emphasizes a high level of imagination paired with great attention to detail has shown much success in creating functional spaces designed around the client’s needs. Since beginning his practice, he has completed residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Mexico.

Please check all technical specifications to verify that the intended material conforms with applicable regulations for the intended environment. Technical Specifications are available on request, please consult with a Ceramic Matrix Sales Representative for further information.

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Interior Floor, Interior Wall




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