Mu Tiles

by   Lunada Bay

Add warmth and richness to your interior spaces with Mu Tiles, a tile series made with some of the world’s most beautiful wood species. Made of solid wood, not a veneer, MU tiles are pre-sealed and pre-finished in a beautiful matte polyurethane, ready to install right out of the box. Like any solid wood product, the material can be sanded and refinished years after installation as needed giving you a lifetime of beauty. Each tile accentuates the natural grain and color of wood, be it Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Pine or Amberwood.

Please check all technical specifications to verify that the intended material conforms with applicable regulations for the intended environment. Technical Specifications are available on request, please consult with a Ceramic Matrix Sales Representative for further information.

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Dry Area Only, Interior Wall


Metal / Wood


Mu ¾ x ¾ Mosaic

Mu ¾ x 3 Offset Tiles

Mu Tiles 2 ½ x 2 ½

Mu Basket Weave

Mu Cane

Mu Concentric

Mu Falling Water Pattern

Mu Falling Water Border

Mu Herringbone

Mu Herringbone Border

Mu Shuttle Weave

Mu Spiral

Mu Wine Cellar


  • Mu ¾” x ¾” Mosaic, Mesh Mounted • 1.16 sf / sheet
  • Mu ¾” x 3” Offset Tiles, Mesh Mounted • 1.04 sf / sheet
  • Mu Tiles 2 ½” x 2 ½”, Mesh Mounted • 1.15 sf / sheet
  • Mu Basket Weave, Mesh Mounted • 0.87 sf / sheet
  • Mu Cane, Mesh Mounted • 0.86 sf / sheet
  • Mu Concentric, Mesh Mounted • 0.95 sf / sheet
  • Mu Falling Water Pattern, Mesh Mounted • 0.94 sf / sheet
  • Mu Falling Water Border, Mesh Mounted • 0.32 sf / sheet
  • Mu Herringbone, Mesh Mounted • 0.99 sf / sheet
  • Mu Herringbone Border, Mesh Mounted • 0.38 sf / sheet
  • Mu Shuttle Weave, Mesh Mounted • 1.15 sf / sheet
  • Mu Spiral, Mesh Mounted • 0.99 sf / sheet
  • Mu Wine Cellar, Mesh Mounted • 1.05 sf / sheet