Silk Road

by   New Ravenna

For 3000 years, nomads, traders, armies, and pilgrims have traveled the Silk Road—thousands of miles of routes that connect Europe to India to China and Japan— exchanging not simply silk and other luxuries but philosophical and artistic influences, the very highest visions of what a civilization could be. It is no exaggeration to say that the silk road laid the foundations for modernity as we know it.

For two decades, New Ravenna has traveled these routes, exploring our mosaic forebears in east and west, blending our own ideas of modern taste with both the indigenous materials of Eurasia and design elements f rom many traditions. In this year, we offer Silk Road, a collection that brings us home, distilling our own pilgrimages into steps on the path of our design odyssey.

Please check all technical specifications to verify that the intended material conforms with applicable regulations for the intended environment. Technical Specifications are available on request, please consult with a Ceramic Matrix Sales Representative for further information.

Here , our Silk Road Collection is presented in a simplified palette we call Tabula Rasa,  latin for “cleanslate.”  The  stone colors utilized in this collection are only Thassos, Calacatta, Carrara, Bardiglio, and Nero Marquina, enabling clients to easily imagine the thousands of color combinations New Ravenna can render in both stone and glass.

We invite you to let your mind’s eye wander as you visualize these endless possibilities.

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Interior Floor, Interior Wall




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