Wall Relief – Bas Relief

by   Pratt and Larson

Order these classic Wall Relief tiles in any of our over 300 colors to create a gorgeous wainscot in any room.  Choose from a variety of designs, available in both 6×6 and 6×12, custom lengths are also available.

Pratt and Larson can be used in a myriad of applications from residential walls to floors and countertops. The material may be used in certain exterior and water feature applications, but it is dependent on the specific application and glaze selection. Please consult the Pratt and Larson Glaze Usage Chart. Please check all technical specifications to verify that the intended material conforms with applicable regulations for the intended environment. Technical Specifications are available on request, please consult with a Ceramic Matrix Sales Representative for further information.

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Countertop, Interior Floor, Interior Wall, Residential






Named so because of its deep, fluid clarity. On relief tile watercolor glazes flow and pool in the firing to create incomparable depth and beauty. A hand painted Waterway application on any of our relief tile adds even more. Watercolors have a crackled surface and come standard on rustic field tile.  Watercolor glazes are recommended for light residential use only, not recommended for floors and counters.


Reflecting the Arts and Crafts heritage of American Art Tile, these stony, textural matte glazes are more rustic, complex, and variable than other glazes in our line. In the C200 series spectacular visual activity can be found in every tile. Crystal formations, deep fluid pools of glass, and dry matte surfaces create a truly unique line. The range and variation found in many of the Craftsman colors is a desirable trait, adding to its handmade characteristic and overall beauty.  The C300 glazes were developed specifically for counter top use, matching those Craftsman colors that are not recommended for countertops. All Craftsman colors come standard on rustic field.


This exciting group of glazes features metallic effects that work beautifully for accents and details as well as field. It’s a glaze, but it looks like metal. Relief tiles show the range of these glazes, going from satin matte to fluid glassy surfaces on a single tile.


Clear and glossy, these classic glazes come in over 100 colors ranging from neutral to bright. Can’t find the exact color you’re looking for?  Custom color matching is available in the R-Gloss glaze series, send us a sample and we’ll create a color for you. R-glazes are suitable for all vertical as well as medium-duty counter and floor surfaces. Color and shade variations are to be expected from tile to tile. R-Gloss colors come standard on smooth field tile.


These are crackle surfaced, glossy glazes in creamy transparents, whites and soft colors. These glazes are recommended primarily for wall usage. A colored grout or commercial stain can be used to add contrast to the crackled lines. All RC crackles come standard on smooth field tile.


The Parchment mattes have a subtle, quietly textural surface quality. These colors were designed to complement, or in some cases, match many of the R-gloss and Watercolors. They are suitable for all vertical as well as floor and counter uses. All Parchment Mattes come standard on smooth field tile.  Custom color matching is available.


The semi-transparent Satin line of glazes has a subtle sheen reminiscent of satin. The neutral palette works well combined with many of our existing matte and gloss colors, as well as a variety of other building materials.  Satin glazes are available for order on any of our tile. Satin glazes cannot be used for Polychrome (hand painting). Custom color matching may be possible for some colors. All of these glazes are appropriate for residential floor use, as well as countertops.


6″ x 6″ Tiles

6″ x 12″ Tiles